Residents of the Townhomes at the Oceans

  March 2019  
  The next Board of Directors meeting will be March 14, 2019 at 2pm in the Public Safety Building.  

March 5, 2019

We would like to welcome our new board member and Vice President Pamela Richmond. We are happy to have Pamela's past board experience and her great desire to help us keep our HOA fees low and our community a great place to live. Pamela has filled the vacancy left by Mel Lindauer who has been on our board for many years. I personally would like to thank him and feel we all owe him our gratitude for his time and volunteering of so many things in our community. Hopefully we can all stop him in one of his daily walks on the beach and personally thank him.

We also have a new community manager who has stepped in for Aaron Reid. She is Karen DeRoo and can be reached for all of your questions by email or by calling her at South Atlantic Communities 386-236-0474

  December 2018  
  Annual and elections meeting will be December 19th 2018 at 7pm Public Safety bldg.  
  August 2018  
  Our next HOA board meeting will be Monday August 13, 2018 at 4pm at the Public Safety Bldg in Daytona Beach Shores.  
  July 2018  
  As you are all aware there was an error in the amount due on our HOA payment booklets. We will not be receiving new booklets until after the first of the year. Please use the booklets received and you may either draw a line through the incorrect amount of $220.00 and write in the correct amount of $214.00, or you may pay the amount of $220.00 and your account will be credited. The ACH debits will be debited by your bank at the correct amount of $214.00. Thank you for your patience as we transition into this new management company.  

You're Invited!

All residents of the Townhomes at the Oceans are invited.
What - Meet the Candidates Event
When - Friday, July 20th at 7:00pm
Location - Cloverleaf North Social Room

  June 2018  

We have received our new booklets in the mail and many of you have noticed the payment amount is incorrect. It shows 220.00 and we pay 214.00. This is an error the management company is aware of and we will be receiving new booklets very quickly.

If you have already sent in your payment you will be credited and if you are using auto debit the bank has been notified of the mistake as well and this problem will be rectified. If you have any questions please call the management company directly. Our CAM is Aaron Reid and his number is 386-301-4926.  

Thank you Cheryl Getz THAO VP


The HOA is in the process of switching to a new management company. The changeover date is scheduled for July 1, 2018. We will continue to provide you with updated information as it becomes available.

Hopefully this will be a smooth transition. If there any hiccups in the process, we'll get them worked out.

Rest assured that your Board feels this move will result in improved service for the HOA and the homeowners.

Cheryl Getz, Vice President

  March 2018  

Our current and past Board members are proud of the accomplishments and progress we’ve made over the years here in our little piece of paradise. We value and appreciate the input of our past Board members and thank them for sharing their history and experiences with us.

Some of our completed projects include the recent painting of all the homes in our complex, replacing the garage doors, replacement of the old woody junipers along Oceans West Boulevard, purchasing new pool furniture and the resurfacing of the pool.  Our irrigation system is constantly being updated. Our roofs are inspected regularly and repaired if there are any leaks. We do an annual pressure washing of all the common areas, driveways and sidewalks. Our landscaping upgrades are always a work in progress.

We’re always looking for residents to volunteer to serve on our Board. To our new residents, please consider serving in the future. We realize that we have many talented neighbors who bring their life experiences and versatile backgrounds to the neighborhood, and that talent could be put to good use by serving on the Board.

I personally want to thank those residents who regularly attend our meetings to actively participate and give their valuable input. This sharing of good ideas is one of the reasons we’ve been able to keep our monthly fees low.

We are required to hold four HOA meetings annually. Board meetings are normally held each quarter, or more often if needed, with budget approval in October and Board elections and the Annual Meeting in December. Meeting notices are posted on the bulletin board at the pool as well as here on the web. We invite you to attend and participate.

Our city’s slogan “Life is better here” is so true. Our social activities are plentiful. We have something for everyone from the Senior Center’s exercise activities, a nearby golf course, ten pickleball courts, five brand new clay tennis courts, as well as numerous social events. The City’s Culture & Entertainment Board holds a number of events throughout the year. Many of these events are free, such as the concerts in the Pavilion, but others require ticket purchase. They’re all listed here on our website under Socially Speaking. The paid events usually sellout quickly, so you’ll want to get your tickets early if you plan to attend. Be sure to check the City’s newsletter, The Pelican, and our website for more details on both the free and paid events.

See you in the neighborhood.

Mel Lindauer, President,
Townhomes at the Oceans HOA